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(Tokyo) Microsoft rolled out it newest version of Windows to the Japanese market this week (29 August).  Although Windows 8.1 is the most recent version, the majority of Windows users of AINEO's TRIBE Support services are still using Windows 7 as their corporate standard for operating systems in the workplace.  We conclude this is the same for the national market.  Over the last 18 months, TRIBE has seen a increase of users moving towards Apple's more expensive platform.  Particularly those in middle management and executive positions. 

We’ve all received one.  We get the invitation by someone we met on the airplane, in the office building lobby, or in a recent meeting, to connect.  It’s usually coming through a social networking site called LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is the business person’s or professional’s rendition of social networking which compares to  FaceBook allows you to connect with friends and see the latest pictures, thoughts, videos and just about anything else you want to know about them.What is (LI) allows you to do some of the same things.  The difference is LI pushes you to put in work history, certifications, and other CV/resume type information. 

We’re living in an amazing time.  It seems like the collusion between Dell, IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Intel that required higher spec machines for more bloated software has come to an end. Most users noticed the average PC constantly had to be upgraded to handle the latest version of MS Office with it’s Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook applications. We don’t know about you, but Microsoft certainly would have lost us during that time if we weren’t a high technology firm. Buying new computers for your team every three years is not exactly ideal.

With revelations that the Americans are being tracked by their government’s National Security Agency all over the internet, individuals have become more concerned about their privacy.  Before the US government said they were only watching non-Americans for potential terrorist threats but the truth has come out that actually, phone calls, text/SMS messages, email, browsing histories and anything else that can can be logged when someone is connected to the network.The majority of people don’t think about it, but many companies are tracking you. 

In this world of the Internet, software, and mobile applications (apps) there are many ways to manage your time, tasks, and priorities.  Infinite would be an overstatement but it is certainly is tough to find tools that work and make you more effective. Getting things done is something called GTD. Software Tools The AINEO team has used Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Nozbe, Zimbra, Lotus Notes (Domino) , Google Apps, Planner Plus, Evernote, and many digital tools.  If you want to go to the ever-reliable paper there are those Franklin Planner fans of the past that currently choose from, Filofax, Dayrunner, Franklin-Covey, DayTimer, or Bindex each year. Paper PlannersThe challenge is figuring out what really helps you and your team get things done. Is it the software, the paper, or something else?  At AINEO, we’ve tried various things and made some very interesting conclusion. In short, paper is the most effective way of managing your time, tasks, and priorities.  Paper is the best planner.How can paper planners trump the smartphone, tablet or pc-based application?  

Information Technology has become a major part of virtually every business. Finding a company or any organization that doesn’t use a computer would likely be a miracle.  Nearly every company uses technology, from the POS (point of sale) system at the local retail outlet to the computers sitting on the desk of every team member at the company.  Businesses, non-profits, government, and all other organizations are reliant on technology; specifically Information Technology or IT. In Japan, there are many people doing IT related businesses.